RIGOUR: Disciplined professionalism and fairness in our operations. Thorough, exhaustive performance delivering gold standard results.

AGILITY: Profound understanding of complex issues with the ability to take action quickly.

COLLABORATION: Cooperation aligned with common goals and a fundamental belief in transparency.

INGENUITY: Resourceful, creative solutions drive innovation and transformation.


We work to contribute meaningfully towards a more sustainable world for our children. This is what motivates us to become influential actors of environmental transformation and leading eco-friendly practices in France and across the world.


Our strategy is anchored to our vision and values with our efforts aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDG). These efforts demonstrate our commitment to reducing hunger, assuring gender equality, providing affordable clean water and energy, contributing to the development of innovative industries, buildings and cities, and processes.

In order to maximise the impact of our efforts, we actively participate in an international network of organisations related to the best environmental and R&D practices. We are current members of:

  • SPIRE – Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency, full member;

  • BBI – Bio-Based Industries Consortium, full member;

  • Education Committee of the forum for Sustainability and Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI);

  • Sustainable Recycling Industries, from the World Resources Forum;

  • French Life Cycle Assessment network;

  • Indian LCA Alliance;

  • Technical committee of the Ibero-American Life Cycle Network;

  • UNEP / SETAC Life Cycle initiative;

  • ISO IWA 19/2017 – Guidance principles Sustainable Management of secondary metals;

  • Life-Cycle Initiative.

  • Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP).

With services applicable in private and public sectors, our activities target both multisector industry know-how and specific areas of application. These transversal services address state-of-the-art technologies and up-to-date topics pertinent to the wide variety of client activity where Vertech Group applies its expertise.





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Water & Waste


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Food Agriculture




Industry 4.0


Water & Waste


Circular Economy


Smart Cities


Social Responsability


Clean Energy


Bio-Based Economy




Smart Devices


Our Team

Antonio Barona

General Manager

Civil Engineer, M.Sc. Construction Materials, M.Sc. Innovation & Project Management.

Practice of Corporate Strategy and Management of tangible and intangible assets. Expertise in the financial and technical feasibility of projects for industrial and public clients. Large experience in Project Management. Lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Master in Environmental Sciences.

Franck Denéchaud

Finance & Administrative Manager

Business School Diploma, M.Sc. in Management & Corporate Finance, specialised in R&D Financial Controlling.

Responsible for Administrative & Legal Affairs, Human Resources and IT solutions.

Sémikian Konate

Finance & Administrative Assistant

M.A. in languages and Legal Secretary Diploma.

Contribution to Administrative & Legal Affairs, Human Resources and IT solutions.

Dr. Erasmo Cadena

PhD. Environmental Science and Postdoctoral Researcher, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering.

An active researcher with numerous scientific papers. Responsible for several projects of industrial and public clients in different sectors. Expertise in environmental, economic & social assessments. Knowledge of Sustainable LCA practice and Ecodesign.

Dr. Paola Castrillo

PhD. Science & Materials Engineer.

An active researcher and project coordinator for industrial & public clients. Expertise in sustainability, waste revalorisation, energy & resource efficiency and industrial manufacturing processes.

Dr. Jose Antonio Gutierrez

PhD. Energy & Environmental Geology, 5 M.Sc. Energy Resources, Renewable Energy, Mining Resources, Business Administration and Health & Safety.

Expertise in sustainability, waste & water revalorisation, IT, energy efficiency and industrial manufacturing processes. Large experience in multisector R&D.

Dr. Camilla Tomasetta

Environmental Scientist with PhD. in Economics and Management of Technology.

Expertise in Circular Economy, Ecodesign and Sustainability Assessments (LCA, Social LCA, LCC). Responsible for several projects for industrial clients.

Marco Grippa

Mechanical Engineer with M.Sc. in Energy for Smart Cities.

Expertise in sustainability & innovation, in the fields of renewable energy & environmental technologies. Knowledge of LCA practice. Responsible for several projects for industrial clients.

Dr. Antonella De Luca

Environmental Engineer and PhD. in Advanced Technologies for Water Sanitation.

Expertise in sustainable and innovative solutions for environmental sanitation & protection. Experience in Environmental Impact Assessment and LCA. Management of several multidisciplinary projects in the industrial sector.

Evelyn Tachau-Brown

M.A. in Communication, specialised in Corporate Communications, professional writing and New Media.

Award-winning experience applied in private & non-profit organisations serving the environment, energy, education, and tourism industries.

Juan Jose Manzano

Business Development Manager

Architect and Urban Planner, M.Sc. in Financial and Strategic Planning.

Responsible for Market research, Business & Communication plans. Expertise in Cities & Industries of the future, Energy, Transportations, Industry, Fast-Moving- Consumer-Goods (FMCG) and Financial services sectors.

Ana Maria Dubois

Market & Business Strategist

Business School Diploma, M.Sc. in Management and Marketing.

Practice of Project Management of sustainable and innovative technologies. Responsible for Market Research and business strategies definition, for multisector industrial clients.

German Cavero

B.Sc. in Computer Science, MBA, M.Sc. in Information System Management.

Wide experience in IT Project and Service Management, knowledge on Business Finance and IT Government. Research interests include ICT for sustainability, Smart Cities and green IT solutions.

Laura M. Pérez

Double degree in Energy Engineering and in Environmental Engineering.

Knowledge in the field of Renewable Energy, production, storage, transport, distribution. transformation, use and energy efficiency.
Treatment of contaminated soil, water and air, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Miguel Gallardo

Double degree in Chemical Engineering and in Environmental Engineering, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering.

Knowledge of Environmental Management, Waste Valorisation, Industrial Manufacturing processes & emissions.

Juan Diego Berjon

Environmental Engineer and M.Sc. in Environmental Management, Energy, Water, Environmental Legislation and M.Sc. in BigData, Data Analysis, GIS, Web App.

Wide R&D experience in Environmental Management, Waste & Water Valorisation and Smart Cities. Multisector expertise for private and public clients.

Fanny Assimilalo

Graphist & Web Designer

BTS Graphic Design, print communication, and Web design.

Experience in printing and Digital Marketing. Responsible for graphics support creation and website development.

Pierre Rigault

Environmental Engineer specialised in industrial processes & Environmental Management in the field of energy.

Responsible for several projects for multisector clients. Experience in Sustainability Assessments, evaluating environmental, economic & social aspects of innovative products. Lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Master in Environmental Sciences.

Luning Wang

B.Sc. Geology and Jewelry. M.Sc. Business Management student.

Experience in Sales & Customer Relationship Management. Contribution to Market Research studies and business development strategies. Specialised in Asian markets.

Thomas Clapier

B.Sc. in Building High Energy Efficiency (BHPE), M.Sc. in Energy, Material & Environment (EME).

Experience in Green Public Procurement and Waste & Water Valorisation for public and industrial clients. Knowledge of technical and financial feasibility of humanitarian projects.

Picka & Boo

Security & Stress Managers

Both natural snifflers, innate techniques – no diplomas needed.

Picka: Knowledge of corporate stress reducing techniques (CSRT)

Boo: Knowledge of accurate danger early-detection systems (DEDS)

Join Us

Do you share the same environmental motivations as us? Are you driven by state-of-the-art innovation technologies? If you’re rigorous, focused, and resourceful and would like to collaborate with international, multi-disciplinary colleagues around the world, we’re looking for you.

Project Engineer – Senior
Technical Execution – Life Cycle Assessment LCA

Project Engineer – Junior
Technical Execution – Life Cycle Assessment LCA

Business Analyst – Junior
Marketing & Sustainable Communications

Business Analyst – Intership
Marketing & Sustainable Communications