Our Teams

Sustainable Development Team

Dr. Erasmo Cadena

Sustainability Technical Leader


PhD. Environmental Science and Postdoctoral Researcher, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering.

An active researcher with numerous scientific papers. Responsible of several projects for industrial and public clients in different sectors.

Expertise in environmental, economic & social assessments. Knowledge of Sustainable LCA practice and Ecodesign.

Dr. Camilla Tomasetta

Sustainability Project Engineer


Environmental Scientist with PhD. in Economics and Management of Technology.

Expertise in Circular Economy, Ecodesign and Sustainability Assessments (LCA, Social LCA, LCC). Responsible for several projects for industrial clients.

Dr. Sophie Sfez

Sustainability Project Engineer


PhD Bioscience Engineering, MsC Agricultural Sciences.

Expertise in sustainability assessment of resource recovery technologies in the context of circular economy, knowledge on waste and wastewater treatment. Responsible for several projects for industrial clients.

Marco Grippa

Sustainability Project Engineer


Mechanical Engineer with M.Sc. in Energy for Smart Cities.

Expertise in sustainability & innovation, in the fields of renewable energy & environmental technologies. Knowledge of LCA practice. Responsible for several projects for industrial clients.

Pierre Rigault

Sustainability Project Engineer


Environmental Engineer specialized in Industrial Process & Environmental Management in the Energy field.

Wide participation in FP7/2020 projects, evaluating environmental, economic and social aspects of innovative products and processes. He participates lecturing in an University’s Environmental Sciences Master.

Mathilde Fiorletta

Sustainability Project Engineer


European degree in Material Science and Engineering.
Knowledge in the field of biomaterials, biodegradable polymers, waste treatment and eco-design.

Dr. Paola Castillo

PhD. Science & Materials Engineer.

An active researcher and project coordinator for industrial & public clients. Expertise in sustainability, waste to energy, energy & resource efficiency and industrial manufacturing processes.

German Cavero

B.Sc. in Computer Science, MBA, M.Sc. in Information System Management.

Wide experience in IT Project and Service Management, knowledge on Business Finance and IT Government. Research interests include ICT for sustainability, Smart Cities and green IT solutions.

Miguel Gallardo

Double degree in Chemical Engineering and in Environmental Engineering, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering.

Knowledge of Environmental Management, Waste to energy, Industrial Manufacturing processes & emissions.

Marketing & Sustainable Communication Team

Ana Maria Dubois

Business & Marketing Team Manager


Business School Diploma, M.Sc. in Management and Marketing.

Practice of Project Management of sustainable and innovative technologies. Responsible for Market Research and business strategies definition, for multisector industrial clients.

Reza Marvasti

Business & Marketing Specialist


Business School Diploma, MSc in Sustainability (specialized in Energy & Finance); MSc in Environmental Planning
Experience in Sustainability, Market research, Renewable energy,  Socioeconomic & environmental analysis, Urban planning, Environmental impact assessment, CSR and Climate finance

Mathilde Vermeire

Business & Marketing Specialist


BSc. International Business and Management

MSc. Sustainability and Social Innovation.

Experience in the sustainable and renewable energy industry

Juan Jose Manzano

Business Development Manager


Architect and Urban Planner, M.Sc. in Financial and Strategic Planning.

Responsible for Market research, Business & Communication plans. Expertise in Cities & Industries of the future, Energy, Transportations, Industry, Fast-Moving- Consumer-Goods (FMCG) and Financial services sectors.

Leo Staccioli

Business Development Specialist


Graduated from the ESAIP Angers School of Engineering in Safety, Risk Prevention, Environment where he specializes in renewable energies. He also holds a DUT Chemistry and has international experience in the management of European projects applied to environmental and energy topics. He has worked in France and Spain in the photovoltaic sector.

Jean-Christophe Recu

Business Development Specialist


Master 2 Marketing and Market Research at the Institute of Business Administration. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Administration. Management of enterprises and administrations. Expertise in prospecting and digital marketing.

Fanny Assimilalo

Graphic Design Licence, print communication, and Web design.

Experience in printing and Digital Marketing. Responsible for graphics support creation and website development.

General Management & Administration Team

Antonio Barona

General Manager


Civil Engineer, M.Sc. Construction Materials, M.Sc. Innovation & Project Management, Executive General Managment Program at Harvard University.

Antonio Barona is responsible for the overall R&D, Innovation & Business strategy of the company. Member of several international academic, business and research platforms dealing with Environmental and Energy Technologies. He accounts a wide experience in several waste valorisation European projects and is a lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, Master in Environmental Sciences

Franck Denéchaud

Finance and Administration Manager


Business School Diploma, M.Sc. in Management & Corporate Finance, specialised in R&D Financial Controlling.

Responsible for Administrative & Legal Affairs, Human Resources and IT solutions.

Marjorie Praux

Management PA & Human ressources

10 years experience on Administrative & FInancial areas

Marta Pérez De Lope

BA in International Relations, Sustainability, French and German from the University of Exeter, and a MSc in Sustainable Resources from the University College London. She has developed her technical skills in life-cycle analysis, energy modelling and ESG impact assessment in London, as well as her research skills, working in collaboration with academic stakeholders as a Research Assistant in UCL. She has worked in the international NGO Serve The City in Madrid, where she developed skills in CSR services for the private sector; and is currently working as a Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Vertech Group.

Jorge Barona

Lawyer, Commercial Law Specialist.

Master in International Business LawMaster in European Business Law LL.M Master of Laws.


Responsible for the legal analysis of all documents and situations within the Company’s procedures.

Expertise in Non-Disclosure and Consortium Agreements, Intellectual Property, Commercial Negotiations, etc


Kelly Lefebvre

External consultant in training and communication

Graduate from Business School, M.A. Management and Administration, Certified Trainer. Expert in the strategy and development of organizations. Experience in supporting the improvement of sustainable economic performance. Professor and Director of the MBA Marketing curriculum at a Business School.

Guido Sonnemann

External consultant in sustainability

Director of the CyVi group. Professor at the University of Bordeaux (France). He has published numerous articles and books on LCA as well as ecodesign and risk assessment evaluating and promoting a sustainable economy.

Juan Diego Berjon

External consultant – R&D Engineer

Environmental Engineer and MSc in Environmental Management, Energy, Water, Environmental Legislation and MSc in Big Data, Data Analysis, GIS, WebApp. Extensive experience in R&D in environmental management, waste to energy, and water and smart cities. Multi-sector expertise for private and public clients.

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