We help organisations become greener!

This will allow you to:
  • Be more attractive, communicate better and have more positive impacts on customers,
  • Be aligned with market regulations and needs,
  • Do sustainable and profitable businesses.

Initial assessment & action plan

We assess the customers current situation by measuring their progress and commitments in the area of Sustainability. This assessment is an opportunity to evaluate together, your potential, set the goals and define the strategy, the pace and the intensity of work, translated into a tailored action plan.

Sustainability performance

Vertech supports organizations to improve the Sustainability performance, minimizing their impacts on the environment. Our Sustainability Assessment allows you to:



Measure the impact of your technology on the environment



Continuously improve specific parts or entire value chain



Be aligned with market regulations
and needs

New Market & Commercial Plan

Vertech Group can help you to define commercial strategies that will accelerate market uptake of early innovation technologies. Our Market Uptake solutions allow you to:



Apprehend the market, identify strengths and potential niches



Define the business model and strategy to start commercialising



To assess, follow and adapt the plan with the market

We provide a framework and metrics to identify and understand your specific market, strengths and potential niches. We analyse quantitative and qualitative data in order to build business strategies to reach the market efficiently.

Social responsibility & Sustainable communication

Vertech can help you to define those communication strategies that will accelerate sustainability and social responsibility to provide a better image of your society. This service allow you to:



To build social responsibility and sustainable policy



To make complex technical discourse accessible to target audiences



Define internal and external communication strategies of the organization

We provide communication plan on demand to communicate a content adapted to the target audience, as well as to disseminate it through suitable channels and at the appropriate frequency.