We help organisations become greener !

This will allow you to:

  • Be more attractive, communicate better and have more positive impacts on customers,

  • Be aligned with market regulations and needs,

  • Do sustainable and profitable businesses.

Sustainability Assessment & Ecodesign

Vertech supports organisations to improve the Sustainability performance, minimizing their impacts on the environment.

Our Sustainability Assessment allows you to:

Measure the impact of your technology on the environment

Identify and reduce potential environmental, economic and social impacts of existing products/services and early innovations.

Continuously improve specific parts or entire value chain

Apprehend the importance of each stage of products/services life cycle and determine efficient measures to improve it

Be aligned with market regulations
and needs

Take coherent decisions and align your products/services to fit the latest environmental, economic, social and market demands.

Our Sustainability Assessment measures impacts on 3 axes: Environmental, Economic and Social. We follow a holistic evaluation of the value-chain.

Our Sustainability performance service includes:

  • Life-Cycle Assessment LCA
  • Life-Cycle Costing LCC
  • Social Life-Cycle Assessment SLCA
  • Ecodesign
  • Ecolabel
  • Environmental product declaration EPD
  • Corporate / Product Environmental Footprint
  • Environmental Technology Verification ETV
  • Energy Efficiency Evaluation – Exergy Analysis
  • Boomerang Analysis™ – Coming soon

Circular Economy – Waste & Water Management

Vertech guides organisations to adopt Circular Economy’s principles, and achieve a balance between Profitability and Sustainability performance. Our Circular Economy Assessment allows you to:

Facilitate a complete portfolio Circular Economy (re)design.

Build competencies for Circular (re)design: material selection, standardised, designed-to-last, easy end-of-life, sort, separation reuse, design-for-manufacturing.

Balance between Profitability and Sustainability performance.

Economical success of circular design includes a holistic view of the value chain and the potential symbiosis with other external actors.

Make time-sustainable businesses.

The transformation to a circular economy demands innovative business models that replace existing ones or develop new opportunities.

Our Solution Circular Economy – Waste & Water Management targets the reduction of resources waste and environmental impacts while increasing the efficiency through all the stages of the value chain. The current situation demands a deep transformation of companies, products and lifestyle. Vertech will provide a comprehensive guide to switch from a linear economy model to a sustainable circular archetype.

Our Circular Economy service includes:

  • Circular Economy redesign of product/services portfolio.
  • Innovative business models.
  • Industrial Symbiosis, Water & Waste Valorisation schemes.
  • Astronaut Economy™ – Coming soon.

Climate Change Risk Management

Vertech advises stakeholders to identify, mitigate and make sure that higher environmental risks are managed effectively. Our Climate Change Risk Management allows you to:

Identify risks related to climate change impacts.

Integrate climate change impacts into risk management and other strategic planning activities.

Prioritise risks that require further attention.

Evaluate objectively potential impacts over time.

Make sure that higher potential risks are managed effectively.

Define a mitigation plan, continuously updated, to engage effective actions.

Our Solution Climate Change Risk Management is a work programme to stabilise GHG levels to prevent irreversible anthropogenic climate change while assuring ecosystems regeneration, food security and sustainable economic development. The challenge is to face uncertainty, complexity, scale and delays between action and response. Common impact assessments normally examine the consequences of climate change but do not always properly evaluate likelihoods or decline real action plans. Vertech defines mitigation plans, continuously updated, to manage risks adequately.

Our Solution Climate Change Risk Management service includes:

  • Risk Management assessment focused on environmental issues.
  • Regulatory and Legislation assessment tailored to specific innovations.

Market Uptake & Sustainable Communications

We define commercial and communication strategies that will accelerate market uptake of early innovation technologies.

Our Market Uptake solutions allow you to:

Apprehend the market, identify strengths and potential niches.

Recognise the value and potential of your business by drawing a clear map of the market tendencies and behaviours.

Define the business model and strategy to start commercialising.

Visualise market opportunities and create strategies for business development.

Translate complex into clear speech and define the communication strategy.

Develop sustainable communication plans to capture future audiences attention and increasing revenues.

Our Solution Market Uptake & Sustainable Communications provides a framework and metrics to identify and understand your specific market, strengths and potential niches. We analyse quantitative and qualitative data in order to build business strategies to reach the market efficiently. Furthermore, we elaborate a tailored communication plan to translate and properly disseminate through the correct channels and targeted audience.

Our Market Uptake & Sustainable Communication services include:

  • Ad-hoc Market Research.
  • Business and Exploitation Plans.
  • Regulatory & Legislation Assessments.
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management IPR.
  • Green Communication Strategy.
  • Dissemination materials.
  • Green Digital Marketing.
  • Green Marketing Mix.