Are you interested in having a rapid assessment of the impacts of your company and/or products & services?

This 20-minute evaluation addresses environmental, economic, and social aspects of your value chain. Also, it integrates tailored questions to your specific sector activity.
More than 80% of the companies surveyed stated that this exercise has changed their vision concerning sustainability practices. This evaluation is conceived to be answered with non-exhaustive and on-hand data.

Upon completion of this questionnaire, Vertech Group will provide you with the following information:

  • Global grade with detailed responses,
  • Benchmarking against similar activity organisations,
  • General performance compared to multisector organisations,
  • Complete breakdown per question and theme.

The ‘Boomerang Analysis’ is not intended to replace a full Sustainability Assessment (e.g. LCA, LCC, SLCA), however, it will allow your company to identify the status and potential axis of development in a mid-term and long-term perspective. Should you have comments, wish to discuss or require further explanation? Do not hesitate to contact Vertech Group.


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